Concordia Cottage

Explore History inside the last remaining building of Concordia College, originally established in Murtoa.

The last remaining building

Concordia Cottage is the last remaining building of the original Lutheran college established in Murtoa from 1890 to 1904 for male Lutheran seminary and teacher training college.

The College was located on the corner of Lake and Munro Streets, later to become the now demolished Murtoa Hospital site.

In 1905 Concordia College was relocated to Adelaide where it still exists.

The Concordia Cottage building was later moved to Cromie Street in 1934 and was used by the Salvation Army as a hall and house until 1940. It was then remodelled as a private home until it fell into disrepair by the 1990’s.

In 1997 the cottage was moved to its current home, near the old Water Tower. Donations of time and money were given to restore the building. It was officially opened October 1997 as part of the Museum precinct. Displays include War memorabilia, Coromby Band photos, the old Murtoa telephone switchboard, historical clothing and a research room.