Railway Station Exhibition

Step back in time to discover the glory days of Murtoa Railway Station.

Murtoa Railway Station was built and operational by 1878 and was a temporary terminus for the main western line from Melbourne. The line extended to Horsham in 1879 and onwards to Adelaide in various stages. The stretch from Wal Wal to Murtoa is the longest straight stretch of railway in Victoria.

A branch line to Warracknabeal later opened in 1886 and onto Patchewollock in 1894.

Murtoa for a time was the most important and busiest town in the Wimmera.

Many industries and broad acre farming thrived because of the rail network. Murtoa was the distribution centre for grain, livestock and many other industrial and domestic commodities. W C Thomas Flour Mill, the Inland Freezer works, the Railways and Marma Grain storage employed many who lived in Murtoa. Associated businesses and services also grew to meet the needs of the town.

Domestic travel on the railways was in high demand! Many locals retain memories of late returns from Lubeck, Dimboola, Horsham and other local stations after footy games and socialising.

However, over the decades, other forms of transport developed and markets for flour, grain and meat changed.

Passenger train services ceased at Murtoa by August 1993, despite protests and deputations. The Railway Station then fell into disrepair until 2018 when Vic Track refurbished the station as part of a Community Use Program. Murtoa & District Historical Society now lease the building as part of the Museum precinct.

Murtoa Railway Station has become the perfect venue to display and house historic photos and railway memorabilia.

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The plans and drawings of the original Railway Station building, the old Water Tower and the footbridge steps can be examined along with historic images and information depicting the growth and development of industry and railway infrastructure at Murtoa.

View a large detailed model railway of Murtoa in the 1960’s recording when both steam and diesel engines existed.

The kids can type a message on an old typewriter or pretend to make a phone call on a few old telephones that staff at Murtoa station used.

Check out the pop up Art gallery in the waiting room and learn about the interesting display of artefacts and their functions.

Experience the rush of grain trains, up to a kilometre long, as they pass by Murtoa station on their way to and from Portland, Geelong, Melbourne and Adelaide.