Murtoa Railway Model

A unique model of Murtoa’s very own railway history is currently on display, created and donated by clever local artist, John Gerdtz.

Murtoa Railway Precinct

Circa 1960’s

John Gerdtz of Murtoa has created this train model, based on his memory of how it was when there were both Steam & Diesel trains in the late 1960’s & early 1970’s. The model includes buildings, sheds and workings which have since been removed. John has also included many of the local identities during that time.

John began this project in 2019, originally for the enjoyment of his grandchildren, but as it grew bigger, a new home was needed to house it.

John Gerdtz has kindly donated this model to the Murtoa & District Historical Society, 2022.

Spot the local identities included in the display

Kel Taylor: On the silo

Mrs Betty Sargent with daughter, Meredith and son, Donald: Hanging out the washing and playing in the yard

Doug Coates: On the verandah of a house

Jimmy Shone: Refuse truck

Dinny Lindsay: Brambles truck

Maurie Shone: Goods delivery for K & J Baker

Les Cornell: On signal box platform

Bert Lucken: On signal tower

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3railway-model-6802 Rgb-72lpi

Mr Harry Hemphill: On coal stage

Les Cornell: White Valiant Charger

Bert Lucken: Blue & white HR Holden Fords on Major Tractor with the Acky bar

John Gerdtz: In my first car, EH Holden (green roof, grey body)

Daryl Tepper: Leaning against post of Station building

Fred Gerdtz: Grader driver (John’s father)

Les Sherwell: Grader driver

Bert Hunter: Orange SOD tip truck driver

Kevin Jones: Doing a mono on the push bike